The Erasmus Social Travel Experience of 2012!


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The Erasmus Dreamtrip is a web competition for the two best planned and most followed trips on Travellution, the social travel planner created by former Erasmus students.

This event is an unforgettable opportunity for Erasmus students, former Erasmus students and travel lovers everywhere to win a 25-day summer adventure of discovery in Europe!

Your voyage of discovery will take place aboard a brand new QUBO Fiat car and you'll be assisted along the way by the Erasmus Student Network Italy.


It only takes a couple of minutes and 3 simple steps to participate!

1. Decide which trip you would like to win: Warm South or Mythical North.

2. Sign-up on Travellution and create a Dreamtrip called "Warm South" or "Mythical North": add the mandatory destinations (Turin and Brussels) with the exact dates (important) as you see on the pages Warm South and Mythical North. After having added these mandatory destinations, you can choose the cities you'd like to visit in each country.

3. To be eligible:

  • Invite 2 friends to your trip (as Participants). Choose them well because if you win, they will be traveling with you for 25 days ☺.
  • Bookmark at least 20 Places of Interest you would like to visit during your 25-day trip.
  • Become Tripmates with 10 other travelers who are planning a similar trip and start sharing plans, ideas and recommendations.

4. You're done! The winners will be announced on JUNE 10th so keep your eye on the countdown!


The winners will not be chosen at random. Victory is in your hands!

On Travellution, any trip can be followed by other users (similar to Twitter) and the winners will be the 2 participants with the highest number of followers of their trip.

How to get followers? Here are some ideas:

  • Invite your friends and family to Travellution and ask them to follow your trip.
  • Share your trip on Facebook and Twitter and ask your friends and followers to follow your trip.
  • Add exciting and original plans and places to your Warm South or Mythical North Dreamtrip and other Travellutioners will start following you for new ideas!

Follow the Erasmus Dreamtrip competition on Facebook and Twitter to discover the weekly TOP10 most-followed trips!


A fully-paid, 25-day trip around Europe with 2 of your friends and an ESN representative!

Each winning team (4 people) will get:

  • A QUBO Fiat car with Eco-drive system.

  • Camping gear from Yatoo: a flexible bed equipment for the space inside the car and a living space tent connected with the car. Pure freedom!

  • Gas, toll-fees and camping expenses paid throughout the trip.

  • Brand new Nokia Lumia 800 provided by Nokia with European roaming connected to dedicated blogs where you can post photos, videos, articles and travel recommendations during the trip.

And that's not all...

  • Entertainment: the ESN section of each visited destination will host a special event to welcome the travelers.
  • Media coverage: journalists, travel magazines and influential bloggers will follow the adventures of the two teams.
  • Sustainable travel: Travellution, Fiat and ESN encourage travel that respects cultural and natural diversity. During your trip, you will have the opportunity to volunteer with a local non-profit organisation at one of your destinations.
  • The Eco Prize: the team with the best Eco-drive score, a built-in car system measuring eco-drive performance, will win a special prize.
  • The Blogger Prize: The new Nokia Lumia 800 for the most visited blog of two trips.


Mythical North Warm South